A Playground Free of Cyber Bullies

Since the beginning of time humans have been driven to compete. In some part of our makeup lives a wire constantly sending messages, be the best. People live with the false idea that we must compete against one another: for best athlete, most liked, or least gossiped about. While the mere idea of competing is not harmful, it can easily turn into an ugly game. The competition of likes and retweets has turned into an arena powered by bullies hiding behind a 5 X 3-inch screen. What may have been created with good intentions is now paved with dirty secrets and twisted truths. All people who are present on social media should be held responsible for maintaining a healthy environment.

Likes, Retweets, and Shares

Everything that was once posted or deleted can be seen by many. Every post that hits the digital world is seen and re-shared for others to digest the information. Once someone has published their content, it is out there for the world to see. Even after something has been “removed,” the impact remains. A negative comment or inappropriate picture can easily make its rounds to multiple parties. Likes, retweets, and shares encourage conversation – both positive and negative. Becoming conscious users, before posting something detrimental, will make for a more positive playground for creative users.

Screenshots, Group Chats, and Locker Room Talk

What happens on social media does not simply remain on a screen. People often take screenshots and send them to others to inform them of whatever gossip they deem juicy. Group chats isolate the subject and make for an easy way to attack a defenseless victim. People live to not only come in first place, but to ensure that no one else will be there beside them. Our competitive nature can lead to the putting down of others on social media, and often extends the conversation into the locker room. The game of “who’s hottest” or “least attractive” is determined by likes and by laughs, both on social media and outside. Having a conscious mind before posting a negative comment eliminates the nasty talk inside and outside of the cyber-world.

Bullies exist because we allow them to. By being conscious players on social media, we can also be conscious consumers. When something cruel or unkind is read online, do not sit back and let it happen. Be proactive. Be conscious of what you post and speak out when someone else is not playing by the rules. Take your competitive side and use social media not as a competition, but as a way for others to thrive beside you. The cyber world is not meant to be driven by trolls, rather it is meant to be used by those who are open minded and accepting. Every like, retweet, and share makes an impact. When you see someone crossing the line, cross it too – but only to tell them to play nice. Bullies hide behind a screen, but you have the power to shatter the social norm of silence and eliminate the cyber world of cyber bullies.

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How to Protect Yourself from Cyberbullies

The internet is a great way to stay informed about current affairs, to extract needed information, to entertain yourself when you are bored and to stay in touch with friends and family. However, the internet can also be an avenue for bullies to take out their frustrations on those who are vulnerable. To let your guard down is not an easy task, and for those who are choosing to put themselves and their stories out there are brave to do so. But, they are usually met with comments from online bullies who say awful things to put them down. It can cause serious harm to the individual as it can lead to self-esteem issues, severe depression, anxiety and even suicide. There are resources for people who are victims of cyberbullying, and here is how they can avail them.

What counts as cyberbullying

In this digital era, any form of harassment, blackmail or verbal abuse can take place online. Threatening, demeaning, impersonating, stalking or defaming someone with the intent to harm them can all be labeled as cyberbullying. It can take place through email, SMS, social media etc. Online bullying can be done anonymously, which is frustrating when trying to find the perpetrator.

Source: www.psychologicalscience.org

Voice your emotions

Talking about how you feel can greatly relieve a lot of the emotional and mental stress that cyberbullying can cause. Whether it is sharing your experiences with your family, friends, or teachers, it is important to reach out. There are even support groups for victims of cyberbullying, and being able to talk in a safe place within a group of people who relate to your experience can be extremely beneficial.

Source: www.carolinaconceptions.com

Ignore and block the bully

If a cyberbully is passing comments that are extremely offensive, try to ignore them as they are most likely looking to get a reaction out of you. If you do not react, they will most probably stop. However, if it gets out of hand and the bully does not stop, you can block them everywhere from your social media accounts and even lodge complaints against the cyberbully to the website’s administrator who will take action against them.

Document all the evidence

If you keep the record of all the incidents of cyberbullying that have taken place, and that bully happens to be someone you know, you can go to someone you trust in your family or school and show them. That way, you can easily prove to people that it is a serious offense and that action should be taken against the bully.

Unfortunately, trolls and bullies have easy access and tools to be able to bully people online without being caught. Further rules and regulations should be implemented and a stricter course of action should be taken against cyberbullies. Till then, it is important to know how to protect yourself against online bullies, and steps you can take to help a loved one who might be getting cyberbullied.

Celebrities Get Bullied Too

Source: Jon Kopaloff

We all know about Millie Bobby Brown, the extremely talented child actor who starred as, ‘Eleven,’ in ‘Strangers Things.’ We also know that she had been bullied not just in real life but online by cyberbullies. She was courageous enough to stand up to her bullies and still be positive and spread the message of love and being nice. This goes to show, that even famous people can get bullied, maybe even more so because of being in the public’s eye all over the world. Brown had to delete her twitter because of how hurtful the rumors were, not to mention untrue.

Another actress who has been undeservingly cyberbullied to the point that she had to delete her Instagram account is Kelly Marie Tran. People judge and discriminate to their heart’s content, thinking they have the right to verbally abuse celebrities.

Source: Jordan Strauss

Kelly Marie Tran was a victim of cyberbullying after being cast in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens.’ She received many racist and sexual comments, alongside criticism for not being the right body type for Hollywood and being a woman. Petitions were signed, memes went viral and she received a lot of hate, which resulted in her deleting all her Instagram pictures, putting up a black and white picture on her profile and updated her Instagram bio which read, “Afraid, but doing it anyway.” People sometimes do not think twice before writing hateful comments online and do not realize how much their words can affect people in a negative way. People tweeted things such as, “The new Star Wars movie…barely has any whites in it. It’s all muds.” It is astounding how racism is still prevalent all over the world, and judgments about people are passed just by looking at the color of their skin.

However, this should make everyone stronger and motivate them to raise their voices louder than haters and bullies. Millie Bobby Brown started a twitter to especially advocate against bullying and spread love, yet we are still spreading hate. Bullying people to the extent that they commit suicide, develop anxiety and get self-esteem issues.

Source: www.bbc.com

The public needs to realize that by being nice, you can help cultivate a safe environment, free of bias and insecurity, and help talented people prosper and grow. This will, in turn, benefit the world at large. Instead of breaking people down we need to help build each other up, inspire each other to work on our shortcomings and appreciate the beauty and strengths that we have. Let’s spread love, not hate. A simple act of kindness can start a chain reaction, and really help us stop bullying and spread positivity instead.

How Millie Bobby Brown Turned Around Being Bullied

Millie Bobby Brown, an actress who has shown how talented she is from the mere age of 8, landed her first big role in, ‘Stranger Things,’ when she was just 12. And not only was she the youngest person to get featured on the Time 100, and get awards for her outstanding performance in Stranger Things, but she is also actively supporting a very important cause.

Source: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Brown had been bullied at school by a boy at the age of 7, which caused her to move schools. In an over-the-phone interview conducted by TheWrap, she talked about her experience. “No hard feelings, I got over it, but I did have to move schools because it was very hard, and I felt like I couldn’t talk to anyone. I would talk to my parents of course, but it’s annoying because you don’t want to leave a school where you have your best friends at.”

However, that did not end the bullying. After achieving major stardom, Brown was a victim of cyberbullying, which resulted in her having to delete her twitter account.

Millie Bobby Brown really showed how mature she is by responding to her haters and bullies in a video at the MTV Movie & TV Awards when receiving the award for ‘Best Performance in a TV Show’ with a message advocating to stop bullying. At the end of her acceptance speech, she added: “Since I know there are many young people watching this — and even for the adults, too — they could probably use the reminder that I was taught: if you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say it. There should be no space in this world for bullying, and I’m not going to tolerate it, and neither should any of you.”

Brown made an account on Twitter, with the handle @Milliestopshate to help victims of bullying and to spread the message of love and tolerance. Her posts were all anti-bullying and aimed to spread positivity in the community. Sadly, a meme was spread around of Brown depicting her as a homophobe. Many people did speak against such a disgusting act of bullying against a minor, however, that experience would be hurtful to anyone.

She rose above the hate with utter grace and really inspired those who are being bullied to speak out. Such courage in someone so young really does make one hopeful for the future of this world.

The Link between Reputation and Successful Job Interviews

Job interviews are stressful for everyone. Your reputation as well as how you project yourself to your interviewers can have a massive impact on whether they will hire you or not. Because for the interviewer, he has many resumes that all might have the same or better qualifications than you do. So, they judge on aspects that may or may not be under your control, and may not have been related with your job qualifications, but how you carry yourself. From your vibe to your past job experiences and ex-employer’s responses, many factors come into play when it comes to getting the job. Let’s discuss in detail how reputation can affect the position you apply for.

Personal aura

It is a silent judgment that is passively and actively passed by employers: how strong or weak your aura is. Those hiring you will see how they feel when speaking with you, do they feel uneasy, do they feel bored, and do they feel scared or happy? The way you talk, body language, tone and how serious or easy-going you are, greatly impacts the interviewer’s perception of you, and whether you will be a leader, a follower or neither. Being able to effectively communicate and be assertive but polite will help you in any career, and whether they say it or not, employers do judge these aspects when it comes to hiring you for the position you applied. You can help change how you project yourself by practicing how you will speak before the interview takes place.

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This is quite an obvious one, as many people do pay attention to how they are dressed when going for their interview. To be dressed smartly really makes a statement to your interviewers that you are professional and take care of yourself. Being sloppily or casually dressed can hurt your chances of landing the job, even if you have the resume.

Source: insights.dice.com

Previous bosses

If you had a bad experience working for someone, that might impact whether they recommend you to future employers or not. Employers do a background check and talk to the relevant departments of your old workplace to know about how good or bad of an employee you were. So, it is important to make your work ethic strong and consistent, unless you are being mistreated.
Past workplaces

Where and who you work for does play a big role in whether you will get the position that you applied for. If you were working for an illegal entity or a place that is not well reputed, it can impact whether you will get the job or not. It may have been out of necessity or out of your control, but bosses will still take this into account.
So an impressive CV is not the only thing you need to get the job. These and many other factors contribute to whether you will get hired or not, so keep them in mind the next time you go for a job interview!